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 Meets NIJ 0101.06 ballistic armor standards
 The highest performing, lightest weight, most flexible armor
 Waterproof ballistic panel cover

Galls G-Force body armor is quite simply the best ballistic protection for its price available anywhere. G-Force armor utilizes hybrid ballistic panels constructed from a high performance matrix of Woven Aramid as well as UD Polyethylene Dyneema® and Force Multiplier Technology Fabric, to achieve the ultimate combination of protection, light weight and flexibility. We’ve paired this exceptional ballistic package with a specially designed carrier, built from high-tech honeycomb micro ripstop fabric for incredible durability.

"Galls recognized the need for a new lightweight durable ballistic package with a performance carrier that would be comparable to national brands but at more affordable pricing. We are excited to introduce our new ballistic vest packages to the market. We partnered with the leading manufacturer in the industry to create the G-TAC Tactical and G-Force Concealable vests. NIJ Certified and offered in level II and level IIIA, they are lightweight, have upgraded performance carrier systems, allow for full range of motion and provide maximum protection. They are made in the USA and are offered at very competitive pricing which gives public safety professionals more vest for their money. I’m confident that these vests will perform well in the market and provide superior comfort and protection at an excellent value. Our goal is to ensure that every officer has superior protection at an affordable price and that you go home safely after every shift."

benny belcher, vice president of global sourcing

Galls SE Body Armor Carrier