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Kustom Signals Digital Eyewitness G3 Vision

Kustom Signals Digital Eyewitness G3 Vision

Item# LW023 | Mfg# 3421/3422
Kustom Signals
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Kustom Signals Digital Eyewitness® G3™ has all the features you want without taking up valuable space in your patrol car. It offers control and viewing options, plus, it's economically priced!

Two Controller Options

  • Use your Mobile Data Computer (MDC or laptop ) as the controller and the small camera and audio system is all you'll see (mount the DVR anywhere in your car)
  • Or choose the DVR/Controller with Mirror Monitor (MMC) with the DVR mounted in your center console

Mirror Monitor Controller (MMC) option

  • Replaces factory rear view mirror
  • 3.5"color active matrix LED and dual speakers
  • LCD can be turned off without affecting recording

Recording Media Options

  • 40 GB removable hard drive storage (HDD)
  • 8 GB compact flash storage (CF)

Standard features

  • Zoom camera with auto/manual focus, 10X optical
  • 2"W x 4"L x 2"H
  • 30 seconds to 3 minutes pre-event recording
  • Comes with MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 file compression
  • Automatic record activation with light bar, siren and mic activation
  • File transfer: wireless, wired, manual
  • Dual audio-tracks
  • Files compatible with Kustom DEMM systems
  • Radar interface
  • Wireless audio system: 900 MHz digital spread spectrum; automatic transmitter activation upon record; LED black-out for covert night-time operation

Pre-Event Recording

  • This user-selectable feature can be set to automatically capture 30 seconds to three minutes of video prior to record activation even while you're playing back another file
  • If an officer witnesses a vehicle crossing the center line or running a red light before the recorder is activated, this video evidence is automatically captured and recorded
  • This powerful evidence can save court time and money by quickly verifying what happened

ClearComm DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum)

  • This 900 MHz transmitter features digital error correction to reduce data errors and to improve the accuracy of the transmission, resulting in fewer dropouts and better range
  • No white noise is transmitted, only clear, clean, accurate audio
  • ClearComm is automatically activated when the video system begins recording to ensure audio is recorded
  • Once the video recording has stopped, the transmitter automatically returns to standby to conserve power

Automatic Crash Record Activation

  • If a collision is detected, the video recorder (including the pre-event memory) is automatically activated so that if the impact occurred in the view of the active camera, the collision and a segment of video leading up to the collision will be recorded


  • This feature allows you to display coordinates full time or only when you press a "marking" button, to indicate the location of a particular incident (i.e. something tossed from a vehicle you're pursuing)
  • You can also display patrol car speed and set a threshold speed for record activation
  • When equipped with GPS, the video system's clock is checked against the very accurate GPS time, and corrected if necessary, helping to ensure that multiple cars on a scene will have the same time on their video recordings
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