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ECONO-VAC Extremity Splint Set from MDI Microtek

ECONO-VAC Extremity Splint Set from MDI Microtek

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    ECONO-VAC® Extremity Splint Set from MDI® Microtek is an Affordable Way to Use And Dispose of Splints

    Each splint has a 12-hour vacuum with rapid fixation.

    • Vinyl splints have yellow exterior, white interior.
    • Splints are compatible with most vacuum sources as well as x-ray, CT and MRI.
    • Wrist/ankle, arm and leg splints come with T-Lock Velcro® straps to secure in place
    • Carrying case: 14"H x 26"W x 7-1/2"D
    • Medium and large forearm splints are held in place by any available straps, tape or gauze from ambulance or emergency room supplies
    • Each splint incorporates the positive locking pinch clamp to ensure vacuum is not accidentally compromised
    • ECONO-VAC™ Extremity Splint Set Contents: 1 Wrist/Ankle Splint, 1 Leg Splint, 1 Arm Splint, 1 Medium Forearm Splint, 1 Large Forearm Splint, 1 Adapter, 1 Pump, 1 Carrying Case
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    June 02, 2010
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    ECONO-VAC Extremity Splint Set from MDI Microtek

    I used several sets of these over the last three years. The units are useful and versatile but their major drawback is that they do not withstand the climate we work in. The plastic develops holes or cracks while they are stored on the vehicles. Our vehicles are unheated and temperatures reach -30C in winter.

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