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Dyna Med Mass Casualty Incident MCI Deployment System

Dyna Med Mass Casualty Incident MCI Deployment System

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Dyna Med
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    Deploys up to four caregivers per system. It gives you the flexibility to triage and manage while getting your responders out in the field.

    • System is contained in a 900 denier poly Central bag that houses the four First Responder Kits, a Bandage Kit and a legal size StreetPro™ clipboard
    • Each Compact Responder Kit is stocked with medical supplies for CPR, burn, dressing and bandages, blankets and more
    • Bandage Kit functions as a "warehouse" that Responders can stock from with over 300 items including tape, gauze and more
    • MCI Bag Set also available
    MCI Deployment System Contents:
    1 Central bag (14"H x 31"W x 14"D)4 Compact Responder kits1 Bandage kit1 Legal size StreetPro? Clipboard
    Each of the 4 Compact Responder Kits Contain:
    1 CPR Microshield
    Burn:1 Burn Pad (4" x 4")
    Dressings & Bandages:16 Bandages (1" x 3")1 Abdominal Pad (5" x 9")10 Gauze Pads (4" x 4")1 Blood Stopper1 Gauze Roll (3")1 Gauze Roll (4")10 Alcohol Wipes1 Antimicrobial Wipes1 Waterproof Tape (1")1 Waterproof Tape (1/2")1 Elastic Bandage (3")2 Triangular Bandages4 Eye Pads10 Antibiotic Ointment
    Equipment & Supplies:1 BP/Stethoscope Kit2 Small Cold Packs1 Instrument Pack (shears, bandage scissors, penlight, seatbelt cutter, window punch)1 Space Blanket2 Pairs Latex Gloves1 Eye Wash (4 oz)1 First Aid Book
    Bandage Kit Contents:
    10 Pair Nitrile Gloves4 Cold Packs1 Cloth Tape (1")1 Cloth Tape (3")2 Elastic Bandages (3")2 Trauma Pads (12" x30")2 Triangular Bandages2 Bloodstoppers2 Non-sterile Coflex (3")12 Non-sterile Gauze Rolls (4")12Non-sterile Gauze Pads (2" x 2")200 Non-sterile Gauze Pads (4" x 4")50 Sterile Gauze Pads (4" x 4")20 Combine Pads1 Bandage Bag
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