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Cederroth 4" Bloodstopper

Cederroth 4" Bloodstopper

Item# FA912
Cederroth Mfg# P/N 06-1910
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Cederroth 4" Bloodstopper

The Cederroth Bloodstopper™ can stop severe bleeding and protect almost all types of wounds. The unique pressure roll and elastic wrap allow the Bloodstopper to stop severe bleeding to the head, trunk and/or limbs. Unfolded, the Bloodstopper can be used as a cover dressing for burns and abrasions; as a sling to stabilize dislocated shoulders or to splint broken limbs; and as a postpartum dressing for field deliveries. Packaged sterile in an easy-to-open peel back wrapper that allows the product to be removed without touching and contaminating the wound pad area.

Note: sold individually

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